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Exquisite Odor: the Colosseum, a garden of serendipitous procreation

A cultural and botanical history of Rome's Colosseum as it has been a garden since the 6th-century.

Published in Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes: An International Quarterly, Routledge, March 2015.

PDF of article available above ("G")

A Botanical Beehive

Language of an Early-American Garden (1683–1719)

(Current Book Project)

This book will introduce an understudied early-American garden and a culture of nature printing as they were a basis for an art of gardening and culture of botany in colonial Pennsylvania before 1719.

The Art of Gardening in a Pennsylvania Woods

A historical summary of a garden in Germantown, Pennsylvania and nature prints made by Francis D. Pastorius, ca. 1700.

Published in Expedition, Special Issue, Philadelphia's Garden History, Penn Museum, 2020.

PDF of article available above ("H")

Writing Stories Into the Garden

(3-part series)

Gardens and farms in North America were and remain practical endeavors, but if we look closely at Native American gardens and colonial American gardening and farming we can see that many people believed plants to be divine beings that had the power to heal and nourish. They made gardens and wrote stories about plants according to these beliefs. One such gardener was Francis D. Pastorius (d. 1719), who lived in Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood.

This 3-part series was published  on Feb. 5th, 17th, and March 9th as a part of Field Notes of the Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities.

Link to series available above ("I")


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