Miranda Mote

Architect, historian, educator based in Philadelphia

I have worked as an architect, graphic designer, design instructor, and studied history of gardens, horticulture, and agriculture as part of my masters and doctoral training.  Since 2014, I have been interpreting traditional methods of nature printing and letterpress to publish original art books about early American gardens. My historical writing considers traditions of nature printing, gardening, and poetry in America and Europe. Since 2020, I have been developing a botanical literacy program that integrates K–12 lessons in botany, expository and creative writing.


Calendar of Workshops

Resume of Experience

April 2021

Workshop at University of Pennsylvania


July 2021

Workshop at Awbury Arboretum for 5-7 year old children


Sept. 2021 

Workshop at Stoneleigh: a Natural Garden

Nov. 2021 

Workshop at Penn Alexander School (7th grade)


May 21, 2022

Heritage West, workshop in partnership with Penn Museum and Bartram's Gardens


June 19, 2022

Workshop at Family Frolic event at the Philadelphia Flower Show

June 25, 2022

Family workshop at Ambler Arboretum of Temple University

Sept. 3, 2022

Workshop at Brewerytown Community Garden

Current Book Project

A Botanical Beehive

Language of an Early-American Garden (1683–1719) introduces an understudied early-American garden and a culture of nature printing as they were a basis for an art of gardening and culture of botany in colonial Pennsylvania before 1719.

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