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Botanography Workshops implements STEAM curriculum in which participants engage with the natural world and apply their findings in artistic and literary expression. During Botanography Workshops, participants learn the process of plant gathering, botanical observation, and nature printing, and then are guided through artistic and literary activities which strengthen ecological knowledge and build community.

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Botanography offers three types of workshops



Teacher workshops introduce Botanography curriculum, lessons, and nature printing for classroom STEAM instruction. These workshops prepare teachers who wish to implement Botanography curriculum in their classroom(s).

Every workshop is different depending on context, and needs of school.  



Photo Gallery of Student Projects

Workshops and lessons for K-12 classrooms, after-school programs, and summer camps to supplement classroom lessons. These workshops are designed to teach botanical observation and printing skills that a young naturalist can practice at home.

Every workshop is different depending on context, number of children, and lesson.

 Adult / Family


Photo Gallery from Community Garden Events

Workshops for families, adults, and children at community gardens, public gardens, arboretums, and community centers. An ideal workshop is outdoors or in a workshop space for about one and a half hours.

Every workshop is different depending on context, number of participants, and venue.

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