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Garden Classrooms

botany + literacy + culture

Gardens can be designed as classrooms for K–12 STEAM instruction in urban and suburban schools. They can tell stories about history, language, race, technology, food, health and medicine—they can reflect a school's culture. A garden classroom and its plants can be a focus of integrated lessons in cultures of plants, botany, ecology, expository and creative writing projects, and art skills that exceed Common Core standards and connect a student to their schools and the natural world. 

As an architect, teacher, and printmaker, I can guide and support a school in the design, construction, and implementation of a classroom garden in a variety of contexts and work with classroom teachers and school administrators to develop an integrated curriculum of lessons.


Garden Classrooms

botany + literacy + culture

As an architect, teacher, and printmaker I can support  ongoing development of classroom gardens with long and short-term master planning, funding advice, and workshops for parents, students, and teachers.

Other Philadelphia Resources for Schools

America's Garden Capital

Philadelphia is America's Garden Capital with over 30 public gardens with robust educational programming.  Additionally, Philadelphia is home to several vibrant and experienced non-profit groups dedicated to the development of equitable and healthy gardens and orchards, including, Bartram's Garden & Sankofa Community Farm, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Philadelphia Orchard Project.  I can connect schools with these resources to supplement and support classroom gardens.


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