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Garden Classrooms

GARDEN CLASSROOM DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Botanography offers design and development consulting to schools and educators with a focus on providing guidance as to how a garden classroom can be integrated into instructional curriculum, health and wellness initiatives (including social emotional learning), school culture, after-school and summer programming, and school grounds design. We welcome any opportunity to work with school administrators and teachers directly or as a part of a team of architects and landscape architects. 

Botanography has also developed several concepts for garden classrooms aligned with DIGS units and HIVE teaching tools. These concepts offer preliminary guidance and inspiration for schools to envision and plan for small or large school garden construction projects. Each concept includes: planting suggestions and arrangements, suggested activities to extend classroom lessons throughout the school year, list of subjects addressed in the garden that could inform interdisciplinary instruction, sources for inspiration and guidance, practical considerations for building and maintaining the garden.


Rainbow Garden Classroom of Health & Wellness

Native American Teaching Garden

African American Ethnobotany Teaching Garden

Botany Teaching Gardens (multiple concepts)

Ecology Teaching Garden

Climate Change Garden

Art and Literature Garden

GARDEN CLASSROOM MICRO-GRANTS: Any school in the Philadelphia county is eligible to apply for Botanography's Garden Classroom Grants, regardless of grade level and type of school. Included in the grant is funding for garden materials, a Botanography workshop, and access to Botanography's curriculum and garden community.

Applicants must be classroom teachers or school principals in Philadelphia county.


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